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Prayer to Mary Immaculate
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Prayer to Mary Immaculate
Item Number: AH100
Prayer to Mary Immaculate Patroness of the United States
Blessed Mother Mary, we turn to you in prayer for all the people in these
United States. We again place ourselves in your care, in the gentle hands
that cradled the Child Jesus.
We ask you to make us more alive in your faith, more generous in your love,
more trusting in your hope. Teach us to imitate Jesus, as you did,
and always to follow him with your courage.
Mother Mary, help us to become a people who hunger for justice
and who burn with compassion for those who suffer in our midst.
Make us a people who cherish and defend the dignity of every human person.
Free us from all selfishnessand self-interest, that we truly might be
the builders of the Kingdom of God.
Immaculate Mary, help us to stand among the family of nations as a people of compassion,
generosity, and peace. Make us a people of vision and courage, who will gift this world with new life,
new hope, and the unity for which your Son died.
O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who turn
with confidence to you today. Amen.